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Latest projects

  • Snippets (2014-08-19 08:44 PM)

    Welcome to Snippets

    This is the tracker for the Snippets tutorial series project started on http://www.lasolution.be/blog/.

    The default branch holds a basic Django project.
    Each tutorial has its own branch.

  • test (2014-07-13 05:27 PM)
  • Djember-CMS (2014-07-12 08:15 AM)

    Where does this project come from?

    Recently I have been asked to build a manageable website for someone who barely knows how to check her e-mail. And since I’d like to build Django Ember Admin , I thought this would be the best way to learn and tinker with Ember.js...

  • Django Ember Admin (2014-07-07 07:39 AM)

    So far this is just a P.o.C in progress but... I have heard several times Django core team is looking to improve Django Admin, modernize it and make it easier to extend.
    While this is probably not what Django core team is looking for (it involves too many dependencies, among others Django REST Framework and Ember.js). The concept behind this might be interesting....

  • A-responsive-1 (2014-05-23 09:56 AM)

    As part of a project we are currently working on with P4X we were looking for a truly responsive Redmine theme and were unable to find any.
    And since we really liked the A1 theme we decided to built a responsive theme based on Bootstrap Sass mixins and loosely inspired by A1....