As part of a project we are currently working on with P4X we were looking for a truly responsive Redmine theme and were unable to find any.
And since we really liked the A1 theme we decided to built a responsive theme based on Bootstrap Sass mixins and loosely inspired by A1.

This is the theme in use on vc.lasolution.be (save a change in the logo)

This theme is currently in its alpha stage but is already available for download.
To download it go to your redmine/public/themes directory and clone a-responsive-1 by typing:
hg clone http://code.lasolution.be/a-responsive-1
Then restart redmine and pick a-responsive-1 in your display settings

As I said earlier, this theme is part of a larger project and has been built in regards to the Redmine version (2.5.x) and to the modules we use. It is know to work with:

Any contribution or feedback is welcome!

To contribute, please follow the instructions listed here

We also accept feature requests, if they are small, we will gladly do it as soon as we can. For larger features (like compatibility with a complex module) we may ask you to fund the feature (by using crowdfunding or any other mean)

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Manager: emma
Developer: emma
Reporter: geoffrey, jack
Tester - Reviewer: geoffrey, jack