This project uses Django-hstore . Thus it requires:
  • PostgreSQL

sudo apt-get install postgresl postgresql-server-dev-9.x

  • The hstore extension

sudo apt-get install postgresql-contrib

  • To enable the hstore extension on template1 (required for tests, on the main db, it is automatically enabled by south)

psql template1 -c 'create extension hstore;'

This project is intended to run in a virtualenv , dependencies are included inside requirements.txt

After installing your virtualenv, copy djember/ to djember/ and edit it in order to fit your settings

If you are not using the sample data provided by the project

  1. initialize your database ./ syncdb followed by ./ migrate
  2. create a superuser from the command line ./ createsuperuser
  3. launch the server ./ runserver

In your browser

  1. Go to the admin http://localhost:8000/admin
  2. Create some Page metas (records describing the different kinds of pages)
  3. Finally add a couple Pages (for now, you have to go through the admin to do that)

Go back to http://localhost:8000/ and enjoy